Courtney McNeill

I am a junior English education major at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I like positively impacting students, sharing powerful and creating intentional relationships. I also like long walks, cozy sweaters and puns. I am seeking a student teaching spot at a local middle school.

One strange home-COVID week

Pandemic guidelines forced adjustments to nearly every aspect of homecoming, but Bethel still pulled off the events. COVID-19 forced Bethel’s homecoming traditions to look a bit different, and faculty, staff and Bethel Student Government adjusted to keep up the school spirit with safety in mind. “We were so blessed to be able to do homecoming this year. Certainly there were many stressful planning meetings, simply because we were unsure of all of the restrictions that we were working with and

Delightful Dipika

Kind-hearted fifth-grader has a passion for art and anime. Background noise fills the air as Dipika tries to find a quiet place in her house to complete her virtual school work of meeting with her Bethel Buddy over Google Meet. This can be a challenging task when you have a house full of five other siblings, all of whom are boys. That’s right. Dipika is the only girl in her family with five brothers. She isn’t a fan of being the only girl and says that she wishes she had a sister. Dipika did lu

A lighthouse in the storm

Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge faces many struggles among rising COVID-19 cases . Jessica Koeher would normally wait each week to pick up a young woman who lived on 2nd Avenue Street at the MN Adult and Teen Challenge Women’s Shelter. For the young woman, today could well be Christmas, even though the date is not Dec. 25. She had worked hard to be able to meet with her mentor, Koehler, today. She had to pass certain levels in her treatment to get here. The two women would go out for coffee,

Old soul and an old heart

Old soul and an old heart Kjeirstin Carlson has always been a highly driven student, but when she finds out she has atrial fibrillation her Freshman year, she is forced to slow down. Kjeirstin Carlson walks the halls of Bethel University just like every other student. A backpack rests on her back, and she wears jeans and a sweater for the cold weather. If you look at Carlson when she is walking, you might notice that you can see her mouth; a rare phenomenon in 2020. Her mask is worn at her chi